Stress management Courses

I offer courses, workshops and sessions on stress management.

I offer short, as well as more intensive full-day workshops for businesses, public institutions and charities. More extensive workshops spanning multiple sessions are also possible. Every session will be specially tailored to your and your group's needs. Sessions are highly interactive and geared towards providing the audience with an understanding of stress, as well as techniques and skills to cope with it more healthily. 

Acute and chronic stress have a variety of negative effects on people's physical and mental health, from cardiovascular disease to anxiety and depression. The courses/sessions are therefore preventative in nature, as they aim to teach techniques and skills to help reduce the likelihood of those long-term chronic illnesses and to improve the quality of life.

Evaluation of the most recent course

The following are topics that are usually covered. The longer the session, the more time we will spend on exercises, self-reflection, group discussions and developing a range of skills and techniques to cope more healthily and to avoid stress completely. 

Why do we have a stress system and what is it for?

The trouble with modern day stress and why it makes us sick

What do we personally find stressful and how do we usually deal with it?

(Better) ways of coping with stress

How can we become more resilient to stress? How can we prepare in advance?

How can mindfulness help?




If you feel that your employees/students/etc. would benefit from such a session, please give me a call and we can discuss your particular requirements.