What is coaching?

Coaching serves your long-term development. Through coaching, you can become more competent and successful in relation to your own defined standards and goals, as well as ultimately taking responsibility for your own growth and development independent of me. 


What is it for?

In line with my training and experience as a Psychologist, I offer developmental coaching, which focuses on facilitating learning and growth of my clients. I specialise in stress relief, stress management and its associated symptoms. Chronic stress can lead to a host of medical and psychological problems, so learning to manage and avoid it can help prevent a range of other issues that may affect you later in life. 

Through my training in systemic therapy, I can also support you find solutions for issues you have with others at your workplace, for example your colleagues and managers. 

Life coaching focuses on developmental goals you want to achieve in your personal or social life. I can support you, if you want to make life-style changes such as loosing weight, changing eating or exercise patterns or if you want to stop smoking. I can also offer you tools and techniques from hypnotherapy and other approaches to help you achieve those goals and sustain them in the long-term.


How long will it take?

Coaching usually takes anywhere between four and seven sessions. I recommend 60-minute sessions every two to four weeks. This allows us to properly reflect on what has happened in-between sessions, work on creating solutions to your problems and practicing new ways of doing things, as well as plan what you can do until the next session and how I can support you. 



As it is so important for you to choose the right Coach, I offer a free initial 30-minute phone consultation, which will help you clarify how I work and allows you to ask any questions you may have. I also offer the first session at a reduced rate so that you can make the right decision for yourself. Find out how to contact me here to schedule a consultation.



Face-to-face coaching sessions take place at my home in Broughty Ferry, Dundee. Bedsides usual daytime hours, I am also available for face-to-face sessions evenings. Please contact me to book an appointment. 



This is an overview of the fees I charge for counselling, which also includes a set amount of between-session support should you require it. Concessions are available on request.

30-minute phone consultation   Free

First session (60 min)   £40

Following session (60 min)   £50